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Have you ever wanted to trade Forex using a system that can consistently grow your account every month, without the risk of blowing a hole in your account because of some bad trades?

I’m talking about an automated trading system that doesn’t put a lot of your capital on the line, but still has the power and strength to grow your account faster than almost any other investment vehicle.

The kind of growth I’m referring to is income replacing growth. The growth that lets you quit your job, buy you freedom, and lets you do what you want to when you want to.

Hi, my name is Doug Price. And I’ve been trading Forex for many years. I love it, I’m passionate about it and it’s what I will continue to do for a long time.
Fortunately, I’ve been gifted enough to have the skill and knowledge to create trading systems that make huge sums of profits in short periods of time and I want to give you a chance to use one of my most exciting and safest systems I have created.

Before, we talk about my system, I want to reveal to you a pattern that I have discovered and how you can utilize this knowledge to make yourself wealthy, possibly even a millionaire.

Did you know that most millionaires and billionaires are investors? Most of them don’t make their money by getting paid by the hour.

They invest in businesses, stocks, currencies, and commodities.

Let’s take a look at a few wealthy investors that you know and may not realize are extraordinarily wealthier because of their investments…

I work with many wealthy clients and I’m not going to lie I am wealthy too. And we all have a few things in common.

And right now, I’m going to share with you the exact blueprint we all follow that allows us to keep getting wealthier and why it’s so easy. The funny thing is anyone can follow it, but they choose not to.

Anyone can become wealthy. It’s a decision, not luck.

Okay here’s how. It doesn’t matter how much money you make. Always pay yourself first. What I mean is always take some money from your pay and put it aside for investments.

Save up money to invest in Forex, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.

I know what you are thinking, “It would take me 100 years to save up that much money to make money in Stocks and Real Estate!”

That’s where Forex comes into play.

All of the wealthy people I have mentioned, they made money starting a business, trading, or working time for hours. Then they took the money they made and invested it in ventures, and that made them truly wealthy.

And starting today you are going to do the same thing!

Forex is the easiest and fastest way to start investing with a small sum of money and get a massive return on investment.

By trading in Forex you can quickly build up cash flow and invest those funds into other investments like Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate and from there rapidly grow your wealth.

That’s why I create automated Forex systems to build wealth from a small deposit, with low risk, and all on complete auto-pilot so I can focus on other aspects of my life.

Pivot Trader PRO is by far one of my most favorite trading systems in my arsenal. It’s completely automated, protects your account equity, and trades pivot levels like a professional trader.

What are pivot levels?

Pivots are key points that help us identify support and resistance levels on a chart as the price action trends up and down.

Take a look at this chart:

The lines you see on the screen shot of my chart signify different levels that are possible buy and sell entry points. The further the levels go out from the center pivot line, the stronger the signal.

Pivot Trader PRO is an expert advisor and trades on the Meta trader 4 platform. Most Forex brokers provide this platform for free.

You don’t need technical skills, you don’t need to be a computer geek, and you don’t need to be a financial wizard to install and setup Pivot Trader PRO.
It is a few minute processes to get entirely installed and setup.

After you have setup Pivot Trader PRO it’s completely automated. That means you just let it run day in and day out. You don’t need to make adjustments; you don’t need to touch it.

The system will open trades, manage trades, and close them all for you. Pivot Trader PRO is designed strictly to grow your Forex account as much as possible in the shortest period of time possible while easily outpacing other investment vehicles.

Having a solid entry point for a Forex strategy is important, but there’s a whole lot more to trading than just entry. You have trade management, money management, filters, and more.

In many situations it’s more important how the trade is managed than the entry. That’s why I have implemented multiple features and verifications to keep Pivot Trader PRO as low risk as possible.

Let’s go over them now…

Trade Management

When a trade has been entered the trade needs to be managed. Closing the trade too soon can result in losing too much profit and waiting too long can result in a reversal or loss of profit.

With Pivot Trader PRO the trades are managed in a way to reduce stop loss as the price action changes and then moving the stop loss within the profit region as the profits increase.

This is done in a way that avoids moving too soon to lose the extra profit that can be lost from small retracements as the trade moves in the right direction.

Money Management

I have designed one of the best money management systems in the business. You can of course use fixed lots if you prefer on my account I use the money management with Pivot Trader PRO. I simply put in the risk % I’m comfortable with and it does the rest selecting trade lot sizes.

The system will increase lot sizes with your account growth, but avoids raising lot size at a rate that is inconsistent with your risk settings. It’s careful and calculated and keeps in mind available margin. Even if other trades are open on your account it puts them into consideration.

Triple Trade Verification
I’m a big fan of filtering out bad trade signals before they happen. Of course a strategy can’t be right all the time, but if we can filter out some trades that had a lower chance of success it will bring us more profit.

Pivot Trader PRO has 3 tools it uses to filter out bad trades, here they are:

Oscillator Filter

Oversold and overbought levels are helpful measures to verify the validity of a trade. When an oscillator is overbought it helps signal a possible sell opportunity and when oversold, a possible buy opportunity.

Oscillator verification is done on every trade signal. And if the signals don’t match, the trade is skipped.

Trend Verification

Using the Daily timeframe to see where the market is going, up or down, is a useful tool for verifying a signal. If the trend on the daily is up, it will only allow buy signals on a pair and when down it will only allow sell signals on that pair.

Candlestick Close

This is a big mistake people make in trading. And I made certain that this was implemented into Pivot Trader PRO.

Most traders will look for an entry signal to trigger, and then just take it. Sounds okay right? But this can be dangerous.

My advice, always wait for the candle to close, and then if the signal is still valid take it. Sometimes the price action of a currency can trick us by touching a level or going past it, but quickly retreating back to where it would have been a bad signal.

Pivot Trader PRO is patient and waits for the candles to close, just another way to verify the signal.

Multiple Pair Support
There’s nothing more exciting than running a strategy on multiple pairs. Trading just 1 pair or even 2 pairs is boring right?

What about 6 pairs?

Yes, Pivot Trader PRO trades on 6 pairs. You can of course choose not to use all the pairs, but it’s been designed and optimized to work on the following 6 currency pairs.

There are two types of markets, a trending market and a sideways market. A concern amongst traders is that one strategy may work well in a trending market, but not in a sideways market, or vice versa.

Fortunately, Pivot Trader PRO can work in both types of markets. Regardless of the market condition we are in, the market will often bounce back and forth in line with pivot points.

It may skip a point or two, but it usually respects them, and the design of Pivot Trader PRO allows us to capitalize on these movements.

A common question I’m asked is, why am I making my software available to just about anyone? I should just keep it for myself, be greedy, and not let anyone else have it.

In my opinion that’s a bad reason for me to keep it for myself.

First off, I do this for a living. I breathe, eat, and live trading, it’s my passion. I have plenty of strategies and systems and this isn’t my only one.

This is one of my favorite systems I have and I do make money trading it, but it’s not my only one.

Okay so what are the major concerns traders have?

First off, my system is real. And you can see that it’s verified by a third party, MyfxBook. They are well known and trusted and verified my account with investor access.

If you missed it, you can click the widget below to verify the proof again for yourself:

Pivot Trader PRO 100% Automated & Hands-free Version
(Instant access to this after you join)

Below is my detailed account statement (scroll left & right / up & down)

Second, yes, I’m not going to deny it, I love money. I’m a trader and investor. And I enjoy making money and I’m sure you do too.

So yes I do make money selling my system. I’m not going to give it out for free that would just lead to excessive amounts of people expecting help from me for free and free updates.

By selling my system, I do make a few extra dollars, which I don’t mind, but I also invest those funds into research, development, updates, and support.
I also, feel that I invested a lot of time, knowledge, and experience into my system and I should be compensated for it if I share it.

The funds I make I typically invest back into my systems, just more money for me to trade.

Third and final, too many users using a trading strategy isn’t always a problem, just when it comes to trading scalpers and high frequency traders. When following pivots, it’s just working with the motion of the markets natural flow of up and down within the market.

But because this is a natural concern and because I can only manage so many traders I do price my system at a rate to maintain a limited amount of users and make sure it remains at a reasonable user level.

So if you are deciding to pick up a copy of Pivot Trader PRO please act promptly because I can’t guarantee spots will last.

There are two real reasons I’m making Pivot Trader PRO available to you today.

First, I want to help other people succeed in the Forex markets. There’s plenty of money to go around and it’s something I’m passionate about.

I’ve seen too many traders and investors tricked into scams and to join managers that were there just to take your money.

I genuinely want to help you.

Lastly, for years, I sat on the side lines watching Forex systems released to the public. And yes, some were awesome, but a majority of them were scams. It was incredible to see how these people just kept getting away with selling garage.

I don’t remember the exact moment, but I decided that I wanted to release a bundle of Forex systems for traders. I wanted to be the go to guy for quality systems.

So what my goal is to release different types of systems that follow different strategies and allow users to pick the type of strategy they desire for their portfolio, while completely supporting you along your journey with updates and assistance.

As a member of Pivot Trader PRO you are entitled to a few awesome perks. Here’s what you get when you join my team.

Pivot Trader PRO software, settings& manual

You get full access to the Pivot Trader PRO software to install on any computer or VPS you like. You can install it on as many computers as needed. And move it around as often as you like. It is just limited to one account per license at a time.
You will get the exact same software and settings I use on my own account.

With the software comes an easy installer that configures Meta trader 4 for you and loads the files to the platform. You will then just need to follow a few extra steps in the manual and you will be all setup.

It’s easy, and I’m here to help if you need anything!

Free Updates & Settings

Markets can change; events can happen, and because of this I do make updates to my trading software. I put my own money on the line trading my software too, so I want to make sure my software keeps working, and it will.

When I make updates you get them free. That also includes any changes I make to the settings of my system.

Customer Support – Available 24 / 7

I understand you may have questions you may have concerns, I’m here for you. I do my best to be available 7 days a week. I’m a workaholic. I also try to have someone assisting me as well, when I’m not available.

So don’t worry, if you need help, I’m here for you. I do actually respond to e-mails.

News Notifications

As I explained a few minutes ago, Pivot Trader PRO has a safe system to protect you from bad news events and other unsuspecting high impact events that cause the markets to move more than they normally should.

But just to be safe from time to time, I will e-mail you and warn you the best I can of any impending events so you can choose to turn off Pivot Trader PRO temporarily or any other trading system you may be using.

My system works great, there’s no question about it. But I understand you might not be certain Pivot Trader PRO is for you or you might have any other reason holding you back. And that’s okay, it’s normal to have reservations about making an investment.

I’ve been there, when I purchase a product or service, I want to know that I’m guaranteed I will be satisfied and that’s why I’m extending that same guarantee to you.

For 60 days, 2 months, you can try out my system on DEMO or LIVE and switch accounts anytime of course, and if you find at any time and for any reason that you are not happy, then just let me know and I will refund your complete payment.

You don’t need to have a reason, you don’t have to lose or win; it’s an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy for any reason I’ll refund you.

You can trust me, I have a reputation to keep, remember I’m trying to become the go to person for reliable Forex trading systems. I understand that if Pivot Trader PRO isn’t for you, I can help you with another product in the future.

I’m not going to refuse your refund for a few dollars, it’s not worth it to me, so again if you aren’t happy, I guarantee and promise that I will send you back every dollar.

As I mentioned, I can’t release Pivot Trader PRO for free. And as you can see it’s a valuable system and capable of building a new and massive source of income from trading Forex for you.

Because of this, the software is almost invaluable. It is capable of producing a full time income on autopilot and able to beat any other investing instrument, such as Stocks and Bonds, without breaking a sweat.

Top money managers require $100,000 , $500,000 and even $1 million minimums to invest with them. And a system like mine would cost you $1,000s upon $1,000s of dollars to invest in creating the strategy, building it, testing it, and optimizing it.

That means Pivot Trader PRO with the software and the extra perks I’m providing is worth immensely more than I’m going to give you it for.

For only, $799 you get a complete lifetime license for Pivot Trader PRO. The amount of work, testing, and improvements that went into it far exceeded that price.

If for some reason, you prefer a payment plan, you can get a lifetime license of Pivot Trader PRO for only $347 per month for 3 months. You get instant access to the software on your first payment, and it automatically becomes a lifetime license after your 3rd and final payment.

Ready to get started? Don’t forget it’s risk-free with my 60 day money back guarantee! Just click one of the buttons below to get started.

Stop struggling. Stop trying to chase the movement of Forex markets. And give yourself a chance to stop working so hard and so long as an employee for such little money.

I want to help you. And I’m willing to guarantee your success.

Try Pivot Trader PRO today, risk-free, and see for yourself that this might just be the ticket to freedom from your job and from chasing pips.

Sign up now, run Pivot Trader PRO for 60 days and if for some reason you aren’t satisfied, let me know and I’ll refund every cent you pay me.

I want you to succeed and I’m going to do everything in my power to help you, just click one of the buttons below and let’s get started!


P.S. Pivot Trader PRO is one of those systems that banks and professional traders dream of. And you are seconds away from getting your own copy of it. With 253 trades only 3 trades lost, and they were small losses!

P.S.S. When you join today you get instant access to the exact system I’m using plus a risk free 60 day unconditional money back guaranteee. So what are you waiting for?

Do I need computer or trading experience?

No you do not. Included is an easy installer with detailed manual to help you. It’s mostly plug and play with only a few clicks of the mouse needed. If you have trouble though, I’m happy to help!

Do I need to trade manually?

No. Pivot Trader PRO is completely automated. No manual trading is required. All trades are managed for you. You can adjust settings anytime for things such as risk %.

What platform does Pivot Trader PRO trade on?

Pivot Trader PRO trades on Meta trader 4 platform which is provided free by most Forex brokers. I provide recommendations as needed in members’ area after you sign up.

Do I need a VPS or specific Broker?

A VPS is a virtual computer that lets you run Pivot Trader PRO on your Forex account even if your computer is off. It’s not needed, but I recommend it so you don’t have to leave your computer running all the time. You do not have to use any specific Forex broker, but I do offer recommendations if needed in members’ area.

What is the minimum account balance allowed?

You can start with as little as $200 trading Pivot Trader PRO, but recommend using $500 to $1,000 starting balance as it gives you more trading strength.

Are free updates and settings included?

Yes, any updates I create, any setting improvements I make, or any new currency pairs I add, will be provided to you for free.

Can I use Pivot Trader PRO on a DEMO account?

Yes, you can use Pivot Trader PRO on a demo account and switch to a live account whenever you are ready.

What if I have issues with my payment not going through?


Sale page: http://www.pivottraderpro.com/piv.html

Archive page: http://archive.is/bbkVG


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